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The SPANS Program will embrace and respond to revolutionary advances in supply chain development and management technologies to improve the agility of the Navy manufacturing base and enhance the affordability of Navy weapon systems. 

The program will assist the Office of Naval Research (ONR) through development and deployment of innovative supply chain concepts and approaches to integrating the extended enterprise. 

The Mission: The SPANS Program will be successful when it has led to deployment of changes in supply chain processes/technologies within one or more Navy weapon system procurement programs, resulting in improved affordability. SPANS will focus on the development and deployment of supply chain management technologies and best practices to provide a foundation for affordability benefits throughout the weapon system life cycle. By linking with commercial industry, the SPANS Program can foster the creation of new technology suppliers that will enable the Navy to increase innovation, as well as improve affordability. 

The SPANS Program Approach: The SPANS Program will identify potential supply chain technologies and commercial practices to satisfy Navy requirements. These will be evaluated and projects initiated to adapt them to the Navy supply chain environment. Working with Navy programs such as JSF and DD21, the SPANS team will undertake pilot deployment projects to validate the benefits and transition, the solutions into a product environment. Every SPANS project will include a plan for deployment. 

Program Operation: The SPANS Program will be formed as an alliance among government, industry, universities, and other relevant agencies to address Navy-identified requirements. The Program will fill a void in existing Navy Centers of Excellence and Acquisition Reform initiatives. The Program will also provide a forum for gathering requirements across platforms by including SYSCOM initiatives (e.g., National Shipbuilding Research Program), Navy and Industry Centers, and commercial industry representatives. In conjunction with ONR, the Program will define, fund, adapt, and manage applications of supply chain technology projects.

29 March 2005 TRENT Stakeholder Council: